Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spotify in the Music Classroom

Spotify has been my new favorite thing since March, when I decided to go to the Boston Calling Music Fesitval. The festival happened this past weekend, but I have been listening to the all the bands for months. The best part was, I was only paying $10/month to listen in my car/on my iPad!

Download Spotify here!

Since making my Boston Calling playlist, I've downloaded it to my work computer and have begun to use it for all sorts of lessons. It was used for all three of my previous blog posts about lessons! I found Jukebox music, I found random selections for my John Cage lesson, and I was able to find all of the suggestions I had for 5th grade graduation music. Most recently, I used it to create my last free dance/instrument playalong playlist for preK.

$10/month is nothing for a subscription to this great app. When I need a piece of music, all I have to do is go to one of my 3 devices and type in the name of the song or the artist. It's so easy! You can also use the free version on your computer- you can still make playlists and listen to music, you just can't use the mobile version of the app (which I use mostly outside of school anyways!)

I definitely recommend using Spotify in the music classroom. It is a wonderful way to explore new music without committing too much money to storing it in your personal collection before you've heard something you like!

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