Friday, June 21, 2013

A Ridiculous (and Amazing) Endeavor

This year I took on a ridiculous project...and it paid off! I decided to put on a show that encompassed all grades from PreK/Montessori up to 4th. The show went up this past week- the last week of school. My coworkers were really great about helping me with rehearsals and staging once our state testing was over, so even though there were about 350 kids involved, I was able to pull it off.

The show was from Music K-8 Magazine- Hungry to Learn. Here is an example of the first song- though I used different choreography.

My Fourth Grade students narrated the show, while PreK/Montessori-Third Grade sang one of each of the 5 songs. I had Kindergarten begin the show with the title song, Hungry to Learn. PreK/Montessori (a group of about 120 students) performed second, the song I Want to Know, which dealt with a lot of opposites and things that they learn in their PreK classrooms. Third Graders sang the song There's A Class For That, which had a LOT of words that they were able to completely memorize. After this, I showed a slideshow of pictures from music class the whole year. Second Grade sang a song about character education called It Matters. Finally, First Grade closed the show with a song about continued education throughout their lives- Forever Learning.

I would definitely suggest this show to anyone, especially if your piano skills are limited. I don't feel like using a CD accompaniment is a cop-out because it allowed me to get so much more expression out of my kids and have so many students involved. The kids love the songs and were so adorable at the performance!

The show was such a hit that my principal has asked me to present another All-School production next Spring. It was a great way to end my first full year as a music teacher, and I am excited to have many more adventures next year!

Happy End of School everyone!!!

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