Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Loud/Soft Manipulatives

Hi everyone!

   I am linking up with Lindsay Jervis' Monday Music Manipulatives Linky Party (a little late, but the Tuesday school day hasn't started yet)! I only have one idea to share today, but I am very excited to use it for the second year with my Kindergarten classes. We are working on distinguishing between loud and soft sounds (already using piano and forte to label them). Last year, I used the following video to introduce the Boom Chicka Boom chant:

    The kids LOVE using different voices to speak the words. I use these cards from Divine Secrets of a Primary Chorister to change the voices we use after we watch the video. After we've learned the chant, I say the chant using both piano and forte sounds, mixing it up each time. The students use pictures of large radios and small radios to show whether the sounds are piano or forte (maybe I should use iPods, but I think it's hilarious telling them that a radio use to be a thing independent of a car stereo).

Simple, but it works very well, especially for those visual learners!

Happy Tuesday!

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