Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Favorite School Supplies

Good morning!

Since some of you are already going back to school, I thought I'd talk about my favorite teacher school supplies to buy and use each year! I don't go back to in-service until August 27th and kids don't come until September 8th, but I've already gotten a head start on my shopping and planning!

1) I know there's no way that I'm the only teacher who gets excited about their shiny new planner! Of course I spent the majority of my time at Lakeshore picking out my pretty new planner and I can't wait to start filling it up with first week of school plans!

2) I love having a big calendar on my desk to keep track of the dozens of activities and special events that happen at school. I get some weird pleasure out of filling it out and tearing off each month as it passes. 

3) I am SO excited to make two new centers:
         -Dip Tray Workstations- the idea came from Mrs. King's Music Class

        -Pool Noodle Rhythms- this idea came from Mrs. Miracle's Music Room (and a bunch of others)

I can't wait to see how my kids react to the new centers!!

~Ms. Patrician