Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Small Goals

Hi everyone!

    Today I am linking up with Jennifer at the Yellow Brick Road for her Small Goals link-up in August!

Here are my small goals for August:

-Get back on Twitter regularly
       As many of you know, last year I got very involved on Twitter, which included participating in many educational Twitter chats, getting the staff at school involved in using Twitter to share and build our community, and gained over 1,000 followers from November-May! Most of my regular Twitter chats took a summer hiatus, so I haven't been quite as connected lately. But all that has changed this week, since two of my regular chats #vachat and #elmused are back for the school year! I can't wait to grow my PLN even more this year!

-Begin a regular workout schedule
      I have totally slacked off this summer and sadly it is showing. I want to get into a regular schedule before school starts, so that I can stick to working out at least twice a week when we do go back in a month. This starts today after Aria's vet appointment- I will run at the gym for at least a half  an hour!! (If I write it here I am more likely to actually do this)
        --UPDATE: I did go to the gym this afternoon- definitely need to keep this up!!!

-Make an outline of a plan for the school year
       I finally have a pretty great list of lessons and activities by grade level that I enjoy doing with my students during the year, and now I am going to try to organize them into something like units and plan out at least the first two months of my school year. That will probably be something I tackle bit by bit, but I'm excited to get started!!

Do you have some goals for this month? Feel free to link up with us as well! I look forward to reading your goals!


  1. Thanks for linking up Molly, and thanks for the #elmused chat reminder! I sort of fell off that bandwagon at the end of the school year, but I'd really like to get back into it this year.

  2. Great balance of work and personal goals. It seems easy to only have school goals this time of year but I like how you included working out.

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