Monday, July 13, 2015

Music Education Blog Carnival July 2015!!

Hi everyone!!

    I had volunteered to host the Music Education Blog Carnival this month, but I was on my big trip out West until this past weekend, so I am just now getting around to posting it! So sorry for the delay, but I've got some great blog posts for you below! These are a sampling of music education blog posts from the end of June/beginning of July!

Dip Tray Workstations: Instrument Families and Note Values from Tracy King- The Bulletin Board Lady (@tracyking): Tracy tells us about her latest summer project Dollar Store find- dip trays! She explains a fool-proof way to use these for center activities to practice identification of note values and instrument families.

Pool Noodle Rhythms from Aileen Miracle- Mrs. Miracle's Music Room (@aileenmiracle): Aileen shares a great summer project- could be used in centers or as a group lesson. She explains her process when repurposing 4 pool noodles to make rhythms, time signatures, and bar lines to string on clothesline!

Music Lesson for 'Bear Snores On' from Elizabeth Caldwell- Organized Chaos: Elizabeth shares her lesson using a wonderful children's book that, in my experience, most children will recognize. I have used this book in conjunction with the song "Grizzly Bear," but this is a new approach to it that I think I may use this year. She has her classes create sound stories with different timbres- they pick out the sounds that they want to create using body percussion, instruments, voice, and found sounds/objects.

How to Move Files from iTunes to External Hard Drive from Shelley Tomich- Pitch Publications (@PitchHillMusic): Shelley gives us a quick tutorial about moving music files- something that I'm sure the more technologically challenged readers might be interested in! With all the new music we gather each year, we may need to move some of the music to an external drive.

View Pure: another safe alternative to YouTube from Jennifer Hibbard- The Yellow Brick Road (@theylbrickroad): Jennifer offers us another way to view YouTube videos safely and without inappropriate ads. The beta version of View Pure is up and running and she explains the features it offers, which are pretty great and very different from SafeShare, which many of us have been using this year!

High and Low Worksheet Activity from Brittany De Laruelle- Making Music Memories (@bndelaruelle): Brittany shares a great High and Low sounds assessment worksheet that she uses with her younger students. She shares her success with the worksheet, as well as suggestions for making the activity work better in your classroom. Bonus- the worksheet is offered for free in her TpT store!!!

Musical Road Trip- Folk Dancing from Jena Hudson- Sew Much Music: Jena shares her experience with folk dancing in the classroom. She shares eight tips for folk dancing in the classroom, including some great resources and classroom management tips!

Music Education: How Does It Effect Behavior in the Classroom? from Rosalind Hayes- Unsung Potential: Rosalind shares her insight about using music to reinforce concepts in the regular ed classroom. She enlightens us about the research there is out there that supports her view.

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