Monday, September 14, 2015

Three Things {NEW RUG; Emoji Listening; All Star Chorus Audition Info}

Good morning and Happy Monday!!

I am writing to link up with Mrs. Miracle's Music Room for her Three Things linky party!

Below you will see three things that worked for me in my classroom my first week of school! 
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  1. My new rug, which I bragged about in my "What's On MY Wall?" post on Friday, has already enhanced the way that my classroom is run.
    -First of all, it saves me a HUGE amount of time, since I no longer have to put down carpet squares for each class that comes in.
    -Second of all, the large circle allows me to assign seats without having major behavior problems near each other.
    -And third, the kids can't move the spots! With carpet squares, kids would end up on the other side of the room next to their friends because they were so wiggly during class! This way, they know which spot they need to have their feet on at all times!

    If you have some money or can apply to a contest like I did last year with the Michael and Son Jingle Contest, I would consider spending some money on this rug!!
  2. Back in August, I blogged about my First Day of Music activity- Emoji Listening! This activity went over SO well in all of my classes! I did it with everyone from grades 1st-5th. I chose a mixture of pop and classical songs- 5 in all- and played about 30 seconds. A couple classes were able to use their iPads for this lesson, but most iPads were collected to be reconfigured, so most classes used my paper emoji cutouts- which worked out well!

    Check out my Twitter feed to see some more pictures of my students doing this activity!
  3. Last year, I started an auditioned 3rd-5th grade chorus called All Star Chorus. I am excited to say that many more students seem excited about auditioning this year, and that I heard some wonderful singing going on my classroom! It is always so incredible to be able to hear young singing voices right at the start of the school year!
I hope your week goes well!
~Ms. Patrician