Tuesday, September 15, 2015

[Halfway Through] September Small Goals

Good morning!

I am pretty late linking up with Jennifer at The Yellow Brick Road for her September Small Goals linky party, but I still have tons of goals for this month- so here goes!

First, a look back at my August Small Goals:

Get back on Twitter regularly
Begin a regular workout schedule
Make an outline of a plan for the school year

I finished them ALL! I am participating in regular Twitter chats several times a week, I am working out with a coworker on Wednesdays and Sundays, and I have a pretty good outline for each grade this year!!

Now for my September Goals:
  1. Recruit more students to audition for All Star Chorus and hold auditions before the end of the month- this chorus is for grades 3rd-5th and it had 37 students in it last year. Our 3rd grade this year is larger than last, so I am hoping for some awesome new recruits!
  2. Write my Smart Goal for the year- I haven't decided what I will do for my goal this year, but I've already done a goal for PreK, K, and 3rd, so I might choose an older grade this year! It needs to be done and pre-assessed by October 15th, so I need to get on that soon!
  3. Sign up for my 403b plan. I really should have done this earlier, but all the financial mumbo jumbo is confusing, so I have a plan to talk it through with my dad and sign up before the month is through!
I have a lot more goals, but they're more long-term, so I'll save those for November!

Have a great Tuesday!
~Ms. Patrician


  1. Thanks for linking up! I can relate to the financial stuff. Numbers are not my thing ;)

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