Friday, September 11, 2015

What's on MY Wall??

Hi everyone!

Today I'm linking up with Mrs. King's Music Room for her "What's On Your Wall?" linky party!

Here is where all my supplies live- the Pencil cans say "Sharp" and "Flat" (get it?) and each grade level has a drawer for finished work below. You can see my "Listen and Learn" center along with the bookshelf and on the other wall is our STEM design brief cycle.

I am blessed with so many instruments- I have fun doing an instrument petting zoo each year with 1st grade- they get to try so many!

My awesome mounted Smart Board was added last winter- so much better than having a projector with cords everywhere! Next to it, you can see my recorder bulletin boards with rules and fingering posters. Freddie the Frog is sitting below them with a bag of beanie baby beat buddies next to him! Freddie has been a HUGE hit with Kinder and 1st so far this year!

Sara Bibee's Elements of Music are hung up at the front of my room next to my class agendas for each grade level- dry erase for easy set-up. On my white board, you can see bathroom passes, popsicle sticks for creating rhythms, and the word ALLSTARS. 

I use our mascot- Hoffman Boston ALLSTARS to manage behavior. If something positive happens in class, student move a letter up. If they earn all 8 letters during class, they earn a star on my door (which you'll see later).

The poster paper hanging on the board is part our Music Matrix. We are a PBIS school, so we design our classroom rules around our Hoffman Boston Pledge- the 3 R's: Respect Ourselves, Respect Others, and Respect Our Surroundings. Next week I will compile all the ideas from each class into one big PBIS Matrix for Music Class!

This assigns jobs in my room. One or two students for supplies, one to check on how the class is doing following the 3 R's, and one for 4th/5th to have a Twitter King or Queen- this person will send tweets from our @MusicHFB account to show what is happening in the classroom! I can't wait to get this started! Each box will hold a musical symbol which will correspond to their spot on my rug!

Here you can see my "How Can We Move?" Wall with different movement words posted!
On the door you can see I am advertising our school hashtag- #HFBTweets, 
and our county chat hashtag- #APSChats.
My star chart (which corresponds to classes earning all letters in ALLSTARS) is on the door with each teacher's name!

Here are my basic Music Class Rules, our School PBIS Matrix, and our All Star Pledge!

Here is my rhythm wall, Instagram board, and Word Wall.

Outside, students can see pictures of instruments as they walk past to lunch and recess.

Here is my bulletin board outside my room. It includes Important Dates, Contact Info, my All Star of the Week, and 7 tiny All Stars lighting the way to success with lanterns. (Our theme for Arts Ed in Arlington this year is Lanterns #APSLighttheWay.)

And last, but certainly not least- my FAVORITE new addition to the room: My RUG!!! I am in love with my new rug and I no longer have to use carpet squares and set them out for each class- saves SO much it's pretty! :) :) :)

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~Ms. Patrician