Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tuesday Book Club Linky Party

Hi everyone!

    I am linking up with Emily at Emily's Kodaly Music for her Tuesday Book Club Linky Party. (Yes, I know it's Wednesday ;).

This week, I am sharing a book from an old blog post of mine, The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything. Click on the picture below to go to my complete blog post, which talks about my collaboration with the Art Teacher to stretch this book across 1st grade classrooms, as well as the music and art rooms!

I use this book when I begin to talk about Handheld percussion instruments and put them into families (Wood, Metal, and Skin). I use a different instrument for each of the articles of clothing, and the kids love getting to their turn and trying all the instruments. When we get to the "BOO!" part, all the kids yell it and one student gets to play the Gong. It is a TON of fun and a great October book for the music classroom, as well as other classrooms in the school. I highly recommend using it!

Happy Hump Day!
~Ms. Patrician


  1. Thank you for linking up! This is one of my favorite fall books to read as well and I love the collaboration with the art teacher you mentioned in the original post! I have never used a gong before at the end, and I will be adding it this year- in addition to all the other hand-held percussion. Emily at

    1. Emily- Thanks for reading/commenting! I'm glad you can incorporate one of my ideas into your classroom! I hope you are having a great beginning of the school year! ~Molly