Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Peek At My Week

Welcome back to school, everyone!!

We just started yesterday and got things rolling slowly, but today PreK starts and it's going to be all sorts of crazy in the hallways! I'm excited to have a full day of music making with my kids!!

Before I get into my classroom tour and all that fun stuff that everyone has been doing for the past two weeks, I thought I'd ease back into blogging this year by linking up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings and her "Peek at my Week" Linky Party!

I teach PreK-5th grade, so my days always include a large range of age, skills, interest, etc. This year, I have been fortunate enough to receive a part-time teacher to help with my class load. Jeanette will be here on Mondays and Fridays to work with some of our classes. I'm excited to be able to work and share ideas with someone else!!

This week, each class is taking a tour of the music room, where they will see everything from my "Rest Area" to my tissue box (because I'm tired of telling students that they can just go get a tissue if they need one!!). Each class is also revisiting our Hoffman Boston School Song, which the students wrote last year with the help of Brian Chevalier, a visiting artist and children's songwriter.

I have my 1st-5th grade classes for 60 minutes each, so I can fit a lot of activities into that one period. Here is my summary of activities for each class:

PreK/Montessori- learn names with the Hello and Goodbye songs, be introduced to new songs and chants that we will be using over the next two months

Kindergarten- I used the Farm Unit from Game Plan last year, which includes a recurring song to introduce the animals, as well as songs and activities to fit the animals each week- this week we will be learning about the Duck!!

1st Grade: We will work on matching words with 1 and 2 sounds to rhythms, as well as learning one of my center activities, Musical Groceries (Thanks to Ashley Queen), to go along with it. We will also be learning Punchinella, a musical movement game from the 1st grade Game Plan book. It comes at the end of 1st grade, but I find that it is a wonderful 1st day activity!

2nd Grade: We will review rhythms from last year using Ashley Queen's Lego Rhythm SmartBoard files. We will also add the half note to our rhythmic vocabulary. This will then translate into one of our Center Activities for the year. We will also review and play Punchinella from 1st grade.

3rd Grade: We will have a Snowball Fight!!...with papers that have some of our favorite songs written on them. Each student will then have the opportunity to guess whose paper they pick up when the fight is over. We will learn the audition song for our new All Star Singers, which will meet before school once a week, as well as do a Listening Challenge (thanks to Jennifer Fink for this worksheet), one of which we will hopefully be completing each week in music class.

4th Grade: We will start using our listening notebooks to reflect on Taylor Swift's new song- "Shake It Off." Then we will use recorders to review last year's musical knowledge. 

5th Grade: We will continue to use our listening notebooks from last year, play some Rhythm Review Football, and write a Soundtrack to Our Lives!!

I hope that everyone else has had a smooth start to the school year, I will post more about my classroom, etc. once I have gotten my balance here in VA!!

~Ms. Patrician

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