Sunday, January 18, 2015

Teacher Survival Guide- January 2015

Second blog post of the day! Sticking to my "focusing on my blog" goal from my Sunday Scoop earlier- perfect!

I am so excited to be linking up with Melissa's first linky party over at Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room! She is doing a Teacher Survival Guide Linky each month- and you should link up as well!!

Here are my tips for January:

1) In a Winter rut? One word- Twitter. Get on Twitter, learn how to use it, and join some fabulous Twitter ed chats. No joke- I thought this idea was ridiculous at the beginning of the year, but now I will never go out. My professional learning network (aka how I basically get all of my personalized professional development) has grown so much and I love all of the new connections that I am making! You should at least try it- make a handle and follow me @mspatricianhfb, then follow Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1 to find out about some amazing Twitter education chats- both music and non-music!

2) Take advantage of your free time. Blog. Watch some Oscar nominated movies. Okay okay, that's what I'm doing...but it doesn't mean that they're not good ideas!! This weekend I have watched both Whiplash and The Theory of Everything, and I'm on my second blog post of the, of the day. And you know what- it is a great way to spend my time off!! You should try it!

3) Happy hours/work hangouts. And no, I'm not condoning drinking a ton once you're off work. I'm telling you that it is important to bond with your coworkers. And I do not care how much you talk to them at work- it is way better to talk to them when you are away from school and the students that you adore...but need a break from. Chat with your coworkers, get to know them outside of school- it is worth more than an professional development you could possibly attend. You HAVE to have that great group of friends at work. Any outside-of-work hangout with coworkers cultivates this group, and believe me, it is what keeps me sane come Monday morning. ;)

Please use these ideas and let me know if they are consistent with some of your survival tactics. And, while you're at it, please link up with Melissa (link above) for this linky party!!

~Ms. Patrician

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