Monday, January 26, 2015

Wintery Whimpers Linky Party!

Good morning!!

    I've tried to host a couple other linky parties, but now that I have a Facebook page and have taken the plunge to join Bloglovin', I hope that more people will link up with this one!!

I've been reading a lot on Twitter and on everyone's blogs about having the winter blues. The weather is either cold and cloudy or rainy or snowy, and you're having trouble just getting out of bed and getting yourself to work every morning. Well, here's your chance to complain!

Presenting...Ms. Patrician's Winter Whimpers Linky Party!! Link up below to share 4 complaints you have about the current season. Yes, I know it's not the most positive of linkys, but don't pretend that you don't have some stuff to get off your chest!! If we can't share it with the people who understand the most, where can we share it!?

1) Use the button above somewhere in your post.
2) Share 2-3 complaints that you have about the current season- whether school related or not!
3) Share one positive thing about the current season at the end of your post- let's face it, none of us can be totally negative!
4) Link up below! I look forward to reading your posts!
5) Respond to the two posts before or after yours, as great collaborative teacher bloggers do!

Here is my first edition of Wintery Whimpers:

3 complaints:

1) We were supposed to get snow- real snow- today and it turned into slushy rain!! Yuck!! Meanwhile, my friends up north are expecting a crazy snowstorm and some serious days off of school! I mean come on, just one snow day this year? Pretty please!!

2) My spring break plans are kind of in flux, and that's not anyone's fault, but I'm searching for something to do for Spring Break that does not involve sitting in Arlington for a week! I grew up here- I'm over it. ;) Crossing my fingers for a sunny beach to appear in my future for a few days!

3) Since I'm dragging a little this month, I'm having trouble coming up with creative lesson plan ideas. I like to do a combination of old lessons and new ones, but I just feel like I'm in a rut. My plan is to brainstorm more and work on adding some spice to my lessons in the coming weeks!

Positive thought about this season:

When it actually does snow, my kids are SO excited to see it outside and it brings joy to my classroom! Plus, I am lucky enough to get several different classes in a row, so I get to see the excitement over and over- it never gets old!

~Ms. Patrician

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