Thursday, February 5, 2015 How-to- Tech Thursday!

Good afternoon!

    Earlier today I posted HOW to participate in a Twitter chat, and now you're going to get a crash course on how to use to better organize your chats once you've found one (or several) that you like! Look out for a post tomorrow about my Favorite Twitter Chats!!

Since this is a topic that I'd love more people to be able to use and share- I am linking up with Teaching Trio for their Tech Thursday! Hope you enjoy!

Tweet Deck is an awesome tool, especially when you are involved in one or more Twitter chats- even more so when you're doing more than one at a time!

To use Tweet Deck, first go to the website (link above), then log in with your Twitter account. It is simply an extension of Twitter for your personal use. When you open Tweet Deck- some columns will immediately open. Here are 3 of the columns I chose to keep on mine- Home, Favorites, and Notifications:

If you want to get rid of a column, go to the settings button on the column at the top right hand corner, which looks like this: <<<<<

If you would like to add a column, for instance a specific hashtag, like my school's- #HFBTweets, here are the steps to do so.
1) Find the search bar on the left hand side of your screen:
2) Type in your hashtag- for instance, #HFBTweets- and a preview of it will come up on the screen:
3) Click "Add Column" and it will pop up as the last column on your screen.

Quick Tip: If you are using Tweet Deck to follow a chat (which you would identify with it's hashtag), the columns will update in real time, which means that if you are following a chat- it will probably happen really quickly! If you are getting overwhelmed (no shame in that), scroll down the column and scroll up to read at your own pace- the column will still update above, but you won't have to watch it moving so quickly. Once you get back to the top, it will continue to update in real time. 

As you can see, I have a ton of hashtags opened at one time, and Tweet Deck allows me to view them all at once. When I am tracking points for my school's #HFBTweets contest, I can teach a class and then come back to see the updates from the last hour without even having to refresh the page.

If you are using Twitter on a regular basis, I suggest using Tweet Deck as well! Please feel free to ask questions in the comment or email me at if you don't want your question to be public!

Happy tweeting!
~Ms. Patrician


  1. Hi Molly! Thanks for sharing this. I just participated in my first Twitter chat. I used HootSuite. Is that pretty much the same? I'm your newest follower. :)
    Not very fancy in 1st

  2. Thanks for quick tutorial. I've used Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, but sadly, feel that I'm not active enough on Twitter to make much use of them. However, I think you've inspired me to give it a go again. I'd love to use it to separate my lists a little better so that I can quickly see what my music friends are up to :) #fermatafridays

    1. I hope it helps! I use Twitter a lot more now that I make sure my lists are up all the time!

  3. Thanks for sharing- I really need to up my twitter game! This looks like a great way to organize tweets quickly- I get so confused whenever I go straight to twitter... #fermatafridays