Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Scoop 12-7-14

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop once again!

Here is my Sunday Scoop! Please click the link above to link up with this fabulous trio to share your plans for the week!

Have to:

~ I just prepared several trigger images for my 2nd grade students who are studying Peter and the Wolf. The images are of instruments on my classroom instrument posters, and students will be able to use their iPads to scan images and see videos of each instrument being played. Most videos link to a cover of a pop song using that specific instrument- so fun!

~ My NJ family Christmas party is next weekend, and I still need to take a trip to Target to get some stuff for my little cousins before Saturday- ahh!

~ I would like to have January planned out before the end of this week, so that I can work on using the kids 1:1 iPads more effectively and practice over the break!

Hope to:

~ As you know, my 5th grade students are competing to win the Michael and Son Jingle Sing-Off Contest. There have been some confusing comments from the company regarding voting during this last weekend of the competition, so I am very worried about the announcement tomorrow. However, as of right now we are 850 votes ahead, and I am so proud of our community for coming together to vote for our incredible 5th grade students and their hard work on this video, which, other than splicing and uploading the video, the students put together all by themselves. Please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow and cross your fingers that my kids get the recognition that they deserve!

~ I am in charge of my staff's monthly Twitter contests- the first of which kicked off last Monday and will run until Monday, December 22nd! I am so excited to say that every team except one has tweeted at least once this week and joined our conversation: #HFBTweets. Check us out if you have a few minutes!

Happy to:

My once a month volunteer job is with a Read Aloud program based at the Carpenter's Shelter in Alexandria, VA that is organized by a local nonprofit, The Reading Connection. I am excited to experience my second read aloud with my group! Happy to be giving back, while also reading and working with kids- both of which I love doing!

Hope you have a wonderful week!
~Ms. Patrician

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