Saturday, December 20, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Oh my, time flew by this past week! I have been SO busy with performances, field trips, and generally getting ready for the holiday and winter break! To debrief, let me share some of the great things that have happened in my life this week...

1) Hoffman Boston's Winter Festival- #HFBWinterFest On Wednesday we had our Winter Festival at school and it was packed!  This is an annual event that we hold to raise money for our After School Enrichment Programs, which we provide to the kids free of charge! The past couple years, there have been performances, but I didn't do a great job organizing myself beforehand, so I wasn't super involved. This year, however, I was READY! My brand new auditioned All Star Chorus and my fabulous Faculty Choir were both ready to perform, and the 2nd Graders put on a play- The Enormous Turnip!

All of the performers did an excellent job- it was a great way to kick off the concerts for this year! #apswinterconcerts 

Our Project Y.E.S. Club students (Youth Experiencing Success) volunteered at the cookie decorating table as one of their community service events for the year!

Another great thing about this event is that a bunch of past students come back to visit! Being the excited teacher that I am, I, of course, had to take selfies with all of them- here are a few!

2) Michael and Son Visit! The owner of Michael and Son- Bassim, the "son"- came to visit on Thursday to thank the kids for their hard work and drop off our $5,000 check!! He was so great with the kids and is even treating them to a pizza party in addition to the 5K! The students were very excited, especially because Fox 5 news was there- I even got interviewed on camera! (P.S. I was super excited, too!)

3) All Star Chorus Pentagon City Mall Performance! After their debut concert at the Winter Festival, All Star Chorus was super pumped to go on a field trip to a nearby mall to perform for mall patrons in the food court! The whole experience was a crazy mess, but the culmination of the performance (and, as an extra perk, eating in the food court) was worth every second of craziness and stress! Thanks to the Michael and Son money, I was able to get t-shirts for the kids to wear on the field trip! How cute do they look!?

As an added bonus, a very smart parent of one of my choir members suggested that we live stream the performance, so that everyone at school could watch as well!  It was SO COOL to go to Twitter after the performance and see #HFBTweets blowing up with pictures of kids watching all over the building!!

After all that, I still have two days left before Winter Break, and man am I ready!

That's all for now- have a very happy Saturday!
~Ms. Patrician

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  1. I love the idea of the Live Stream! Congratulations on all your successes this holiday season! :)