Monday, December 22, 2014

What's On Your Desk?

Hi everyone!

    I am FINALLY getting around to linking up with one of my best friends Rachel from college for her "What's On Your Desk?" Linky Party over at Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt!

I am almost frightened to post this picture since my desk is always a mess, but here goes:

Let's see...what's on my desk:

1) My laptop- my most important classroom and professional development tool- I would be lost without it!!

2) Thank you and Christmas cards from coworkers and students, as well as a reed diffuser from a particularly generous student. I don't usually get gifts from students, so it was a nice surprise this morning! :)

3) A picture of Brad and I in an adorable frame made by Catherine, one of my not-so-little-anymore cousins.

4) Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, and Lysol wipes...because who could possibly have enough of those in an elementary school!

5) My planbook, planning calendars, several to-do lists, and my desk calendar for all school activities- also super important tools to help me through the week!

6) #HFBTweets contest tally sheet (on the right side in purple pen)- luckily you can't see who is winning- otherwise I would be giving it away before my announcement tomorrow! ;)

We are still in school today and tomorrow- I hope that all of you are enjoying the beginning of your restful winter breaks- ready to start mine on Tuesday afternoon!!!
~Ms. Patrician

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  1. I love all your various organizational systems... that desk calendar with all the spots for notes looks awesome!

    Thanks for linking up! I knew I could count on you :P