Monday, November 3, 2014

Currently November

Hi everyone!

     Thanks to Aileen Miracle at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room for turning me on to Oh Boy 4th Grade's Currently linky party!


    Okay so my boyfriend may think that I'm a little too obsessed with Taylor Swift's new album- 1989, but I don't care! It took a couple listens for me to really get into the new sound...but I still love her! Just in case that wasn't clear on Friday when I dressed up as her at school for Halloween ;).


     My pictures of both teacher and student costumes on Friday are so much fun to look at! I'm about to update my Instagram bulletin board for the first time since the beginning of the year and I'm excited for the kids to be able to see the pictures! If you want to check some of them out, head over to my Twitter feed:


      My Smart Goal this year focuses on treble clef note name recognition and BAG recorder performance in one of my 3rd grade classes. I made it a challenging goal this year, so I guess it's normal to be a little nervous, but since this is my last year being on a probationary contract in my county, I really don't want to screw it up!! I'm not TOO worried though, just have my brain running at a mile a minute! :)


      Maybe I was spoiled in Nashville last week during the NAfME conference...but it is SO cold back here in VA! Did we skip Fall?? I am not a fan of the cold in general, but watching football games completely covered in snowfall yesterday didn't give me much hope for this Winter. :(


       I did the math on Friday and I only have 5 rehearsals until my new All Star Chorus' first performance at our school's Winter Festival. My Faculty Choir will also be performing- ahh!! I think we can do it, but it was scary to look at the days we have left and try to formulate a plan in my head without getting overwhelmed.


       Okay, I haven't started it yet, but last weekend Joanne Lipman spoke at the General Session of the NAfME conference and once my copy comes in the mail I can't wait to start reading her book "Strings Attached," which focuses on deep connection with her high school orchestra teacher. Joanne's tribute at the conference brought tears to many of our eyes and everyone was excited to read the book!!

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Happy Monday, y'all!!


  1. I LOVE Taylor Swift too! I need to go and get her new album! How is it??? I live in NJ and it is like we skipped Fall here as well. It is freezing. I actually wore my winter coat yesterday! We have to do Smart Goals as well we Have to go 2 for the classroom and 1 personal goal. Lots of work!


    1. Where in NJ do you live?? I went to school up there and then moved back to VA to teach :) Wow! We only have to do one Smart Goal, but mine has two parts so I guess it's similar?

  2. I'm right there with you on the Taylor Swift obsession! We have been listening to it non stop the past week in our house My 2 year old is loving it. It is so upbeat and different from her other albums! I feel like I'm far to old to love her music so much but that's okay.

    Sara J Creations

    1. Psh, you're never too old to like the music that you enjoy listening to!! Have fun- that's my motto! (Or maybe I just listen to the radio way too much, haha)

  3. I live in Hawaii and I'm wishing it would be cooler here ;) It's been very hot since we started school in August. I am currently loving the cooler weather and tradewinds...just wishing it would stay longer. We are currently working on SLO's (Student Learner Objectives) at our school and we decided to focus on opinion/argumentative writing for the whole school. A lot of work to do with my kinders to get them where they need to be.

    Kindergarten To The Core