Sunday, November 9, 2014

New Look for All Star Music VA!

As promised, here is my Sunday post for #NaBloPoMo:

Since weekends are free writing days (not that I don't do that all the time), I thought I'd use this time to revamp the look of my blog. I picked my last layout quickly without much thought, but hopefully my new look will be a little more exciting and reader-friendly. PLEASE let me know if that is not so, I would be happy to change anything in order to make the blog better for you, my readers. :)

Now this post isn't just about revamping the look of my blog- I also want to stress how much I'm trying to get this blog out there in the large universe of the web. I appreciate everyone who reads my blog on a regular basis, and this started out as a blog just for my friends and family, but now that I'm reading more and more blogs, I see that I can reach more people if I really try.

In order to get more followers, I need my posts to get out there more than just through my own Facebook and Twitter accounts. I need YOU! I love seeing how many views my posts get and my readers will be the ones who get this blog out there!

If you like a post of mine- please share it with your friends or followers using the buttons to the left of my posts! If you have a blogger feed, please copy my link: and follow my posts!

Thanks for reading regularly!
~Ms. Patrician

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