Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Music Manipulatives- Sentence Strips!

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    I am linking up with Lindsay Jervis over at Pursuit of Joyfulness for her Monday Music Manipulatives linky party!

I have been changing up my centers as time goes on, and am hoping to really build their knowledge of music centers so that I can change it up even more later this year and on to next year! Last week, I had an idea for a music center that was SO simple that I wasn't sure if it would work- but it was awesome!

My 2nd graders are going to see a condensed version of The Magic Flute tomorrow, put on by a local opera company- Opera NoVA. As such, we have spent the last two weeks learning about the story and listening to the music- they really enjoyed the Queen of the Night Aria ("How does she sing that high?" "I don't ever hear her breathing!")

My center idea involved sentence strips- I wrote out plot points on the strips and the kids had to arrange them in the correct order of the story. This was an amazing tie-in to the literacy skills 2nd graders are working on, as well as an awesome way for small groups to really dig into the story! Here are some of my 2nd graders working with the sentence strips:

I plan to use sentence strips as a center for many of my students after we have read a story, and maybe even have them match certain instruments with the strips once we get comfortable with the concept!

Thanks for the link-up Lindsay!
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  1. I do this with Peter and the Wolf during our instrument families unit. They get so excited when one of the plot points comes up!