Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Finally!! Treble Clef Review Centers!! #NaBloPoMo

For two years I have been trying to get myself together enough to have centers work in my classroom! This year I have FINALLY figured out how to teach centers to students in order for them to review and be successful in my classroom!! :)

I have to thank my fellow bloggers for all their helpful posts that have guided me to this point. Here is a link to the 3rd blog post about workstations on Mrs. King's Music Class blog: Workin' the Workstations. Her tips definitely added to my success this year!

My most recent centers are courtesy of Music with Mrs. Dennis. I have been using Staff Wars on my own for awhile, but the idea to use it as a center is awesome!! My kids love it and are so competitive! If you haven't downloaded this free app for your computer- DO IT!! The Music Interactive offers several awesome options to work on musical concepts.

Here is a picture of the students playing this morning:

Now, I spent the majority of my work day yesterday working on Treble Toss and Giant Staff Twister, which were big hits the first time I used them in my classroom this morning with 3rd grade!

I used large poster boxes, a yardstick, a coffee can, and a box cutter to come up with this result- and I'm beyond excited!!

Here is a picture of the students using them this morning (thanks to my wonderful PE teachers for lending me beanbags):

Here is my Giant Staff Twister:
I used a shower curtain and electrical tape, so it is very portable!

The spinners are made out of paper plates, brads, and arrows made of card stock and paper.

Here is a picture of the students playing Staff Twister today:

I also had the students working on worksheets from - Treble Clef Crossword and Codebreaker.

Now that I am introducing these, I can work on combining both rhythmic and melodic centers in my classroom- and it's only November!!

Have an awesome Wednesday!
~Ms. Patrician

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