Sunday, November 23, 2014

What Are You Grateful For? Linky Party

Good morning!

   Yesterday was a crazy day, I thought I'd be home in time to post, but sadly I was not, so I missed a day. No worries, though, I'll make it up by posting twice today!!

I'm actually glad that I waited, because I have some more fun stuff to add to my planned blog post! Today I am hosting my own linky party: What Are You Grateful For?

Here are the rules:
  1. Use the graphic above in your blog post which answers the question: What Are You Grateful For? Give at least 5 examples!
  2. Link back to this blog somewhere in your post
  3. Leave comments on the blog posts before and after yours- you may find some great new blogs to follow!

This morning, I participated in the #sunchat on Twitter. I love having this to look forward to on Sunday mornings- a PLN where educators get to connect and learn some amazing things about other educators! The theme this morning was Gratitude, and we talked about all the ways we showed gratitude in our classroom, and how we made it possible for our students to show it as well. Here are some of the things shared this morning:

Here are the things I'm grateful for:
#1: My family (though I couldn't find a recent picture of my dad and I)- 
without them I could not do what I do and my life would not be complete.

#2: My boyfriend, Brad, my roommate, Emily, my best friends, and all of my other amazing friends. They bring so much joy to my life and I would not have nearly as much fun if they were not in it!


#3: The students I work with- they are the reason I wake up each morning and I am so lucky to be able to do this job every day. :)

#4: The people I work with- they are the heart and soul of our school and I love every minute of my work with our wonderful teachers and staff!

#5: My incredible music room and resources. Thanks to Arlington Public Schools and the 
Arts Education Office for providing me with the space and materials to help my students be successful in music class!

Please link-up below: 

Now I'm about to head out to celebrate Friendsgiving with some of those great friends I mentioned above, have an awesome day! 
~Ms. Patrician

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  1. Awww you included pics from my wedding <3

    I'm grateful for YOU! (Also the things I listed in my blog post.)