Friday, November 14, 2014

Post-Week Update

Hi everyone!

    Here is my Friday night post-week update, where I share my success and my hopes for the week to come!

This week I was able to orchestrate a piece of literature (Where the Wild Things Are) with 1st grade, make significant progress on chorus pieces in 4th and 5th grade choruses, as well as in Faculty Choir and All Star Chorus (our new auditioned before-school chorus), and prep 2nd grade for their field trip to go see The Magic Flute by a local opera company this coming Tuesday.

My hopes for next week are as follows:

  • Get 1st graders to sing in Spanish for a piece we are hoping to collaborate on with other 1st grade classes in Delaware
  • Feel confident with my All Star Chorus and Faculty Choir pieces for Winter Festival, which is less than a month away now (December 17th- ahh!!)
  • Work with PreK to really understand singing voice vs. speaking voice as they are putting away instruments and props
  • Find a happy medium to deal with behaviors from some of my more difficult students- I am looking forward to trying to implement a more effective coping mechanism in these cases, rather than being frustrated and dwelling on it all day long
Please share your successes for this past week, as well as your hopes for next week, in the comments!

~Ms. Patrician

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